2007, Denmark, Biogen idec. Please click here for images.
2007,Denmark,Gilleleje, Pyramiden. Please click here for images, and click here for article.
2006, Japan, Tokyo, Gallery Takemiya.
2006 Austria, Vienna, Gallery 77.
2006 Denmark, Gentovte, Novo Nordisk.
2006 New York. Art Festival.
2005 Italy. Gallery Gada.
2005 Denmark. Gallery Fuglsangshus, Hoersholm. To view images, please click here.
2005 Denmark. HK, Hillerod. To view images, click here. Read articles, click here.
2005 Denmark. Nordea Bank, Alleroed. Sorry no images.
2005 Denmark. Lokalbanken, Hillerod. View images, please click here.
2005 Denmark. Gallery Astel, Copenhagen.
2005 Denmark. Active Art. View images, please click here.
2005 Denmark. Hillerod, Stoeberihallen. View images and read an article, click here.
2004 Denmark. HK Nordsjaelland. View images, please click here.
2004 Denmark. Gallery Fuglsanghus, group exhibit.
2003 Stoeberihallen, Hillerod, Denmark, please click here.
2003 LA. International Art Festival.
2003 Paris. Contemporary Art Fair.
2002 Athens. Art Centre.
2002 Holland. International Art.
2002 Holland. Almere, Contemporary Art.
2002 Greece. Academy of Arts.
2002 Greece-Athens. Group exhibition.
1998 Armenia. Republican exhibition “Watercolor”.
1987 Moscow exhibition called “Art Celibration”.

About Hrach Hairapetian


Hrach attended Art School from age 12 till 15. In 1970 he entered the State's High School of Fine Arts after Ph.Terlemezyan in Yerevan. Here Hrach studied from 1970 till 1974.
In 1974 Hairapetian entered the Armenian State's Academy of Fine Arts. He finished this education in 1979.

Honors and Jobs

In 1976 Hrach has participated in an exhibition in Moscow called “ Cultivation of Agitation stands” and was honored with the third place.

In 1987 he participated in creation of the huge monumental mosaic 20 meter-high
and 10 meter wide, on the Printing House after Hakop Meghapart in the capital of Armenia - Yerevan.

2003 Hrach participated in creation of the fresco of the interior of the Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Alecsander Spendiaryan in the capital of Armenian Republic.


Hrach is a member of Artists' Union of Armenian Republic.
Hrach is teaching pictorial art in Academy of Fine Arts in Armenia.
Hrach Hairapetian's paintings belong to private collectors in USA, France,
Canada, Argentina, Greece, Russia and Denmark.


” My work is a result of the many possibilities and experience that life offers. My imagination
waves through what I capture and bases on my life's experience, on aspects of reality sights
that matter to me. My concern is to show what I feel about what I perceive.
I believe in colours. In gathering the subjects that I will work with, I want to bring up an intimate
dialogue between the colour and the shape, where the shape is taken to offer comfort to the colour.
Colours need to be employed in order to evoke emotions that are inspirational to the audience.

I struggle in translating the harmonic relation between colour and emotions.The different shades
that I can get from a colour inspire me and bring up the passion and the sensuality.
I am passionate for life, and my work reflects that. I want people emotionally get involved with my art.
They can be both comfortable and challenged in their individual experiences confronting their
thoughts and emotions, getting conscious of what we could forever lose.

My art is sometimes serene, sometimes erotic, and sometimes lyrical. I create and sell happiness.
My passionate art drives to a world where the people are finding their lost moments, experiencing
a wonderful joy."

Hrach Hairapetian

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