Georgi Yaralyan was born in Armenia in 1927. In 1953 Yaralyan finished Yerevan State Institute of Art.
He is a special member of Artists' Union in former Soviet Union and Armenia.

He is a great national artist. More than 450 books are illustrated, by Yaralyan in all over former Soviet Union, mostly fairy-tales and stories by
Russian and Armenian classics, such as "Falk anecdotes of Gumri", "Tales of Europe". From 1954 he participated in different exhibitions in whole world.

For many years his cartoons were published in famous Russian caricature magazine "Krakadil", Armenian caricature magazine "Vozni", "Azg", "Yerevan",
and "Kach Nazar" in Los Angeles. In 1969 he was awarded with "Cartoon 69" in Moscow for his cartoons "Vietnam march and peace"
Danish caricaturist Bistrup,a close friend of Yaralyan, always admired Yaralyan's humourous paintings.

The photos below are from the movie " Georgi Yaralyan", produced in 2004 by Polish film producer Ireneusz Cyranek.

About Georgi Yaralyan

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